Soul Readings by Katie O

✨I’m a Psychic Medium✨

It’s taken me my whole life to embrace this, and over two years of professionally reading to finally say it on a social platform. I feel vulnerable. I feel hopeful… and hope trumps fear, so here we are.

I’ve actually tried walking away from this path several times, but the universe kept bringing it back. A couple times I actually packed up all my woo stuff and announced to the universe that I was done! But on both those days I got 3 new requests for readings. I love a strong sign (especially those that come in 3s) and it doesn’t get much signier than that ?‍♀️

Thankful for signs because I finally surrendered to the calling and have since worked with several teachers who guided my development process.

I consistently get to witness intuitive readings creating space for healing and helping souls transition through stages of life. ?

I’m so grateful for the intuitive guidance I’ve received and just want to give the same gift to as many souls as possible. It’s all about the ripple… if I can put a drop in your cup, then you can do the same for another, and so on and so on ? (It feels even better than paying for the car behind you at Dunkin’ ?)

I guess being vulnerable isn’t so bad since I get to connect with your amazing souls and share my passion with you. Here’s to a lot more sharing in this safe little nest of woo.?

With Wonder & Woo,
Katie O



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