Hattie Banks


Hattie Banks

Licensed Massage Therapist

Coastal Palms Massage Therapy, LLC

Hi, I’m Hattie! I became a massage therapist shortly after moving to Charleston, SC. I am originally from Mississippi where I grew up with six brothers and four sisters. I really love being able to help people on a daily basis through my massage work. I really love what I do and you will be able to feel that through my work. I specialize in deep tissue, some people have been known to call me “heavy-handed Hattie”. One of my gifts is understanding that each massage needs to be customized to each client’s needs.  I have recently received my certification in Holy Fire III Reiki II and am continuing my education by working towards being certified as a Thai Massage therapist. Every day is a gift and I try to pass on a little bit of my gift to each person I meet. Stay strong, stay healthy, and get a massage!



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Every Massage is customized around your personal needs.

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