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Welcome to Three Seeds Wellness Studios!

Our calming, relaxing, and purposefully designed space is arranged with you in mind. This studio is a seed I have been cultivating for many years, since I first began including fertility work into my massage practice. Hope, Faith, and Love are the core components of my fertility work. Expanding my vision, Three Seeds Wellness Studios came to fruition.

I am so honored to be able to offer this holistic space where everyone is welcome. All of our carefully selected practitioners share my core values and we look forward to collectively helping you nourish and grow the seeds in your own life. While these seeds may be present today or simply lying dormant within you, we want to help you nurture them and witness them grow. I know first -hand from my many years of experience as both a practitioner and a client, that applying wellness and self-care into your everyday life will not only allow you to live with passion and purpose but flourish. Our team would be honored to be a part of your personal growth.

Thank you for stopping by to learn about all that we offer, we look forward to working with you!



Here at the Wellness Studio, you will be able to receive multiple treatments from a variety of professional practitioners.

Specializing in Fertility

Call: (843) 714-0709

We are currently offering:

Massage, Fertility Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Reiki, Medically Supervised Ketamine Infusions, Botox, Fillers, Cosmetic Laser Treatments.

Each Practitioner is their own entity working collectively within Three Seeds Wellness Studios.

We welcome all of you and look forward to watching your seeds grow into beautiful trees.

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(843) 714-0709

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