LAST THOUGHTS TO WRAP UP 2021; by Becca Roberts

Story by Rebecca Roberts / January 18, 2022

As 2022 is a mere one sleep away, and we are all settling into our winter hibernation, let’s all take a minute and take a bow and thank 2021 for everything that it has brought to us. Acknowledge and show gratitude for the lessons and blessings it has taught us.

I’m not quite positive if you all feel like I feel but this last year was just as challenging as 2020. It wasn’t challenging as in “ holy cow we can’t leave our homes or we might end up on a ventilator and worse yet not live”, but the lingering fear and anxiety from the previous year still crept up in many different ways, always poking its head and letting us not forget what we had experienced.  Throughout the haze of this continued global pandemic, many of us have experienced what I have called this past year “The great awakening”.  I think Covid changed us, changed our paths, changed our nervous system pathways, took many of us to a dead halt, and left most of us wondering how can we be better human beings? How can we rise through the things we witnessed as humans and make sense of how we feel now? I personally just couldn’t go on living and feeling the same way I’ve felt most of my life…the forced timing of transformation was inevitable.

I personally don’t think the universe could have handed me anything else at a faster pace. It was like it was waiting for the perfect moment to unload a lifetime of lessons in one short year. As my friend and I always say “I had and continue to have ALLLLL my balls against the wall” So I started to take one ball off the wall at a time, the more I took off the more that were thrown at me. Now just to be clear, great things transpired this past year and a lot of things just simply expired. So, I decided to take all the great things and make them even greater, think bigger, inspire, motivate, cultivate, provide a space to grow and learn, all while trying to navigate my personal relationship and be a mother to an ever so strong-willed thriving three-year-old.

I also decided to literally reprogram the way I act, react, think and feel about myself on a daily basis. I ventured out on a self-cleansing of my nervous system. What is that you ask? Basically reprograming every belief, you have ever had about what you think is real. As humans, we create these stories based on our past traumas. We all have created these inner personalities to try and survive in this life. I was tired of just “SURVIVING”. I finally wanted to “THRIVE” It was time to start living my life, not through my old TRAUMA SELF but instead my MEL…the MINDFUL EMPOWERED LEADER that lives within all of us.

I began working every single week with perhaps the most impactful person of my life this last year. He helped guide me through this process one puzzle piece at a time. It wasn’t like traditional therapy, you go in tell someone about your life, your problems, and then let them tell you how to “FIX” yourself, oh no, not even close. There was no telling me how to fix myself, I had to figure it out myself. It’s about learning to live in the present moment, non-judgmentally so we manifest an amazing life where we experience a peaceful and positive flow in all of our relationships at home, work, and most importantly, with ourselves. We mindfully listen to the signals from our body so we learn how to evaluate our perceptions in order to make sense of things in a way so we respond instead of reacting to people, places, and things.

We are all always a work in progress. The transformation never stops. I personally am looking forward to 2022 and what will transpire for myself and all of you. So, for now, thank you 2021 for all you have taught me and all of us, we take our final bow to you, and gratefully bid you farewell. Much gratitude and love to all who have hopped on my “Train of Life” this past year and much gratitude to those who have stepped off at their final destination. I would like to thank everybody for being a part of Three Seeds Wellness Studios, I am beyond grateful.   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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