Bee Seeds

Bee Seeds is a small, family-owned company nestled in the mountains of Topanga, Ca, and we believe in BEES. We’re here to do the small part we can in offering the education and resources for our customers to create their own habitats and their own Bee Sanctuaries, to help support nature’s pollinators; bees, birds, and butterflies. Our Bee Seeds mix is filled with wildflowers known to attract pollinators. Offering nectar-rich pollen to these little creatures which are an essential element of our natural ecosystem.

Many gardeners are enthusiastically doing their part to support declining pollinator populations by planting nectar-rich wildflowers, in efforts to provide food and habitat. You can help feed your favorite butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and more by choosing to plant Bee Seeds.

Turn your backyard or space into a Bee Sanctuary by planting our wildflower mix.



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