My name is Faith Marni. I am a Reiki practitioner who uses a hands-on approach to call in source energy to move through my client’s system in order to release energetic blockages held in the body. Reiki is the Japanese word for universal energy.

I practice Reiki with the belief that we cannot intellectualize our way through our problems going through life with our limited thinking, telling ourselves, “…it’s fine… I’ll just figure it out.” This method of problem solving often does not work because we don’t know, with our prefrontal cortex (i.e., our thinking brain), what we are holding onto. I work with clients looking to go deeper to tap into their true nature of themselves.

Words don’t teach. In the reiki sessions, clients tap into a deep meditation for healing. Ultimately, the body keeps the score, and infinite energies pass through our system throughout our lifetime; some are loving, and some are jarring to our nervous system. Reiki allows us to tap into a deep meditative state where Source energy flows to clear the energetic blockages we hold onto.

When I’m working with my client, I am meditating on the intention I have for his/her healing. In these sessions, I don’t need to know, and the client doesn’t need to know what needs to be let go of. We leave that up to the healing universal energy that moves through the body during the session.

Reiki provides a cathartic release where clients leave a Reiki session feeling a sense of pure love and oneness with their true source of love within. The client testimonials and reviews speak for themselves.

Faith Marni



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